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Kristin Helms poetry

The Spell

I wrote this poem after I finished writing my poetry book. Something meant to move you changed me. To you, from me– thank you!     I wove a spell thorugh the night. Laced it with promises kept, tight.   I cut the frays and knotted the ends. Molded, shaped only for you.   But […]

Kristin Helms author

Rules of the Sky

I had a dream I was swimming in a black sea, but it wasn’t water, it was sky, and I was barely floating between falls and I was desperately reaching beteween fumbles. But then I opened my eyes and saw the stars because of the dark and they burned a message into my soul so […]

Kristin Helms author

Family Ties

Recognizing the beauty of life found in relationships bound by blood, deep rooted pasts intertwined with your own beginnings and formations, in souls behind familiar eyes that share laughter and sadness, in old stories and new revelations, in overcoming and forgiveness and support and truth and love, in family.