5 (Bad Prego) Foods That I’m Craving Right Now!

1. Cheetos: so incredibly bad for you and yet so, so good. I have to admit I’ve indulged in this craving TWICE in the past 6 months, and I completely blame Target for the mishap (both times). They conveniently stock bags and bags of Cheetos right there by the cash registers. And the line wait times are just long enough for you to make eye contact with the cheesy-devil treat, but not long enough for you to talk yourself out of the impulse purchase. Keep paying for your premium check out line placement, Cheetos – it’s working!

2. Subway Turkey Sandwich: I know, I know – I can go to Subway and order this sandwich if I have them nuke the turkey meat until it’s steaming hot so it’s safe to eat. But microwaved turkey deli meat makes me want to VOM and I don’t want to ruin the Subway experience for myself forever (my pre-prego Favorite lunch spot), so I’ll just wait until I can enjoy a nice COLD turkey subway sandwich (with lettuce, onions, avocado, cucumbers, peperoncinis and spicy mustard, please)! Hell, I’ll make it a meal-deal and get a bag of Cheetos, too! #dontjudgeme

3. Brie Cheese, Salami, Crackers: OK, this is three things on one line but they all go together so perfectly to make one delicious, pre-dinner appetizer. And if one of them is missing from the ensemble (I’m looking at YOU Brie Cheese) it’s just not the same.  I’m convinced that I will live off of this very snack post-baby!

4. Blue Cheese Crumbles: I would like to eat anything with blue cheese crumbles on top right now…anything!

5. Malbec: Vino! Do you miss me as much as I miss thee? My trusty friend after a long day of work, the perfect complement to any dinner and the missing link to my Real Housewives marathons. Mi amour – we shall reunite soon! 😉

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