To My Baby Girl…

To My Sweet Baby Girl…

The colors and textures of your nursery are not just any design thrown together; each piece is a symbol of my hopes and dreams for you and your perspective on life as your grow:

Baby Girl's Nursery Inspiration



* I hope you never forget your roots.

* I hope you stay down to earth and never think the world owes you anything.

* I hope that if you want something, you work hard to obtain it.

* I hope you’re not afraid to get dirty, go camping and play sports with the boys.

* I hope you appreciate the small things in life that money can’t buy.

* I hope you never take sunsets, beaches and the ocean for granted.

* I hope you don’t take yourself or this life too seriously.

* I hope you’ll never judge anyone at first glance.

* I hope you keep your balance – life will try to teeter-totter you in extreme directions.

* I hope that if you end up regretting something, you find a way to fix it enough so you can find peace within yourself.



* I hope that you make wishes on shooting stars, dandelions, and pennies tossed in fountains.

* I hope you handle this life with grace, through the good times and bad.

* I hope, when you are young, that you believe in fairy dust, magic wands and all things make-believe.

* I hope you keep your manners and poise – it’s amazing how far they’ll get you in life.

* I hope you notice and appreciate nice gestures by others.

* I hope you are optimistic and always look at the glass as half full.

* I hope you keep a sense of class and dignity about you, always.

* I hope you recognize natural beauty.

* I hope you build a strong enough wall around your heart so you don’t get taken advantage of, but a weak enough wall so the right person will be able to tear it all down.



* I hope you have a diva side (just to keep others on their toes).

* I hope you have just enough edge to take the leap.

* I hope you dance when it rains, laugh when you fall and speak your mind when it counts.

* I hope you have a fiery side, only when it’s necessary.

* I hope you chase your dreams.

* I hope that you define your own success and then stop at nothing until it’s obtained.

* I hope that you never let anyone kill your spirit.

* I hope you have confidence but not arrogance.

* I hope you’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

* I hope you know that you’re as good as any boy, probably better.

* I hope you never settle.

Baby Vogue

After my family baby shower in Sacramento, California, it quickly became apparent that little miss thang is going to own way more clothes than me. Our friends and family have already spoiled her rotten with so many cute outfits, and I’m in love with every single one of them! One of my favorite things to do is hang all of her little clothes on the little pink hangers and place them in her closet (color coordinated, obvi) – it just makes everything feel real. Baby girl is going to be here before we know it and she’s going to rock these outfits. Here’s a look at some of my favorites so far (and I highly recommend you listen to Madonna’s Vogue heard here while browsing…you know you’re tempted):

1. A little wrap shirt with footed leggings from Under the Nile. 100% handpicked organic Egyptian cotton and looks so cuddly and warm.


2. The cutest dress and polk-a-dot sweater from Carter’s. I love this one because baby girl has so many pink outfits and this one spunks it up with bright yellow.


3. As a huge Top Gun (and aviator) fan, I love this “Danger Zone” onesie from Etsy (thanks Auntie Jac!)


4. “5, 6, 7, 8 keep it movin, 1 and 2…” I mean, this little gray sweatsuit outfit from Carter’s is just too much for words.


5. I wish you could touch the fabric on this outfit so you can appreciate the softness, but the name brand says it all: Feather Baby. And I just can’t handle the ruffled bell-bottoms – so chic! And if you live in Sacramento, check out this line at the cutest baby store in town, Puddles, A Children’s Shoppe.


6. This one melts my heart – so soft and furry and yes, those are baby bear footsies and baby bear ears on the hood – from Carter’s –  Dying!


7. We bought this one for Little Miss Helms on our Babymoon in Lake Arrowhead. We found it at a cute little children’s shop, Tattle Tails, in the village.


8. I love this bright blue onesie with little sunglasses and the pink flower broche from the Circo baby line at Target – so stinkin’ cute and so San Diego! (Peace, baby)


9.  I know, this is not technically an outfit. But it is the cutest baby bath robe and slippers I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait for our little monkey to wear this after bath time! From the Baby Starters line available at Buy Buy Baby.


…Vogue, vogue, vogue, vogue…..

The Top 10 Maternity Outfits I’m Loving for Fall

I just need to get this off my chest – most maternity clothes are not cute. In fact, most are a single thread away from hideous. I was just about to write-off maternity clothes altogether and accept my dreaded fate of wearing my husband’s oversized t-shirts and sweatpants when I came across some great brands who offer some (dare I say it out loud) stylish pieces. Because who says pregnant women can’t rock the latest fashion trends?

Here are my Top 10 maternity outfit picks that I’m loving for Fall 2013:

1. Isabella Oliver Leather Legging from ASOS: I’ve been pinning tons of leather pants on my My Style Pinterest board, promising myself that next fall/winter I’d be able to wear this trendy piece. But alas, Elizabeth Oliver came to the rescue with maternity leather leggings, available at ASOS!

Isabella Oliver Leather Legging from ASOS

2. Isabella Oliver Swing Dress from ASOS: The perfect casual dress for San Diego “fall” weather! Just add some trendy ankle boots and this look is complete!

Isabella Oliver Swing Dress from ASOS

3. Luxlight Rugby Stripe Pullover from Gap Maternity: If this piece is not Sunday-football worthy then I don’t know what is.  So cute, I want one in every color.

Luxlight rugby stripe pullover from Gap maternity

4.  Mama Dress from H&M: I think they meant hot Mama in the description. Can you ever go wrong with a piece from H&M? (the answer is no.) Love the color and the belt and I especially love this with tights and ankle boots!

Mama Dress H&M

5. Maternity Exclusive Body-Conscious Dress In Lace With Ribbon Detail from ASOS: Perfect for any fancy event scheduled this Fall. Also looks good with a mock-tini in hand.

Maternity Exclusive Body-Conscious Dress In Lace With Ribbon Detail from ASOS

6. Maternity Midi Tulip Dress With Ruching from ASOS: I’m just so excited that this dress comes in navy! Classic, gorgeous and a must-have for any special occasion happening between the months of September and November.

Maternity Midi Tulip Dress With Ruching from ASOS

7.  The Hang-out Dress from Hatch CollectionComfort and style meets shabby-chic. I like how this look is easy and comfortable (two big pluses when you’re pregnant).

the hang-out dress from hatch collection

8.  Mama Jersey Top from H&M: Simple and easy to pair with any skinny maternity jeans or leggings.

mama jersey top - H&M

9.  Maternity Knitted Dress With V Neck and Pleated Waist from ASOS: the pleated waist and v-neck make this a prego show-stopper. It would also look great with some textured tights and ankle boots.

Maternity Knitted Dress With V Neck and Pleated Waist from ASOS

10. Madison Marcus Long Sleeve Zip Front Maternity Sweater from A Pea in the Pod: I can’t help but love everything in stripes this year. The zipper makes it unique and stylish and are those (gasp) leather pants to pair this with? Amazing!

Madison Marcus Long Sleeve Zip Front Maternity Sweater

Babymoon at Lake Arrowhead Resort

I love that Babymoons are becoming more and more popular with expecting parents. It’s a great celebratory time for couples to escape the daily grind, reconnect with each other and recharge the ol’ batteries before the little bundle of joy is born! Mike and I were originally planning on a Big Bear escape, but when we received an amazing deal for a Lake Arrowhead resort via TravelZoo, we decided to try something new!

A quick 2 hour trip from San Diego, Lake Arrowhead was easy to get to and provided a nice scenic drive. We even got to experience this gem of a sunset on the way up!


San Bernadino Sunset


We arrived at Lake Arrowhead Resort at about 7PM. Although you felt like you were entering a large mountain cabin, there was nothing shabby nor cheesy about the decor. The lobby was warm and inviting and had a very cool cabin-chic thing going on. Even though it was 75 degrees outside, the wood fireplace was burning to create ambience but not to create heat (my prego-self appreciated the no-heat part.)


Lobby, Lake Arrowhead Resort


Fireplace, Lake Arrowhead Resort

After a quick check-in, we dropped our bags in the room and headed to dinner at the resort’s one and only restaurant, Bin189. If you’re going to have only one restaurant in a resort, I’d hope that you’d have something like Bin189.

Right away you realize you’re at a wine place because of the big wine wall that welcomes you as you enter the restaurant. (See this past post to find out how I feel about wine.) The large wine wall surrounded a long, private dining table, perfect for hosting a small party.


Wine Wall at Bin189

As a chandelier (fan, worshiper, obsessor), I greatly appreciated the antler chandeliers hanging above the bar area. Again, the perfect amount of “cabin” meets the perfect amount of “chic”.


Antler Chandeliers, Bin189

Although it was pretty much pitch black outside at this point, we were seated at a corner window table overlooking the lake, and I appreciated the gesture. The tables were nicely dressed with white linen, the crowd was friendly (I even received a “congratulations” on my apparent baby bump from the table directly next to us) and family-oriented and the service was prompt. Mike ordered a New York Steak and mashed potatoes and I ordered the Filet Mignon with fingerling potatoes (what can we say, we’re steak and potato kind of people), and both were cooked to perfection. All in all a very good first impression of the resort, the restaurant and our promising weekend ahead.


Dinner at Bin189

The next morning we eagerly opened up our blinds to check out our room’s view (King, Lakeside) in the daylight and were pleasantly surprised with this beaut:


Room with a View, Lake Arrowhead Resort

Breakfast at Bin189 was included in our fabulous TravelZoo booking, so we headed down to the restaurant once again. This time we could see the beautiful lake view in clear daylight and opted to sit out on the big wood deck. Breakfast was excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed my Herb Egg White Omelet and OJ (baby Helms loves her OJ!)


Next up was a hike around the lake, where I truly fell in love with this little mountain town. In order to do this place justice, I’ll leave my attempt at describing the scenery at bay and let you see for your self through some photos:


Lake Arrowhead


Pines at Lake Arrowhead


Private Docks at Lake Arrowhead


Hiking around the Lake


Beach at Lake Arrowhead

Mike and I immediately concluded that we needed to (a.) buy a lakeside cabin here and (b.) buy a ski boat to enjoy the lake (which is reserved for residents’ boating pleasure only). The money saving begins!

After the hike we soaked in the mountain sun at the pool…


Pool, Lake Arrowhead Resort


Poolside, Lake Arrowhead Resort

…and the resort’s private beach…


Private Beach, Lake Arrowhead Resort


Have I mentioned that I love TravelZoo? A $50 spa voucher was also included in our package, so I decided to book a Mother-to-be Massage (pregos deserve massages too!) and an Express Facial at the resort’s spa – Spa of the Pines.


The Spa of the Pines

The spa was first-class and exuded relaxation from the moment you stepped into the locker room, complete with sauna, steam and jacuzzis. Although I couldn’t partake in these “hot” extra curricular activities, I made a mental note for my next visit.

Pamela, my masseuse, was wonderful and very knowledgable about maternal massage, explaining that it was not only beneficial for mothers-to-be, but also for the babies because it distributes good nutrients  throughout the body to your little one.

The Express Facial was also very good and informative as, Holly, the esthetician, explained each product (natural only for this mama!) in detail before she applied it to my face.

I left feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated (my three favorite “R” words).


After a very busy day, Mike and I caught the beautiful sunset as it slipped behind the pines…


Sunset on the Lake


Sunset on the Lake

…and then decided to order a pizza delivered to our room and eat it out on our balcony overlooking the lake (pizza + lake views = pregnancy bliss!)


Pizza and Lake Views

Continuing our streak of indulgence on this babymoon, we ordered room service for dessert: Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting and a Trio of Sorbet. Please and thank you!


Hello, room service? We’d like some dessert…


Our final morning was spent walking around Lake Arrowhead’s Lakeside Village and eating breakfast at the locally renowned Belgian Waffle Works. I ordered the small breakfast with scrambled eggs, a fruit cup (trying to be healthy) and a belgian waffle with maple syrup (woopsies – when in Rome!)


Happiness at Belgian Waffle Works

It was hard to leave this charming mountain village that served as the perfect Babymoon destination, but Mike and I both agreed that we’d be back very soon! Maybe even before Baby Helms arrives (who says you can only have one Babymoon?)


Farewell, Lake Arrowhead

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