Rookie Mom Challenge #2: Join a Mom’s Group

A new week, a new Rookie Mom challenge complete! If you’re a new follower, then take a quick look here why I’m completing 52 weeks of Rookie Mom Challenges thanks to the Rookie Mom’s and their fabulous (and fun) suggestions.

This week Blake and I completed our second challenge – joining a Mom’s Group. Based on the helpful tip from the Rookie Moms I searched for Mom groups on After typing in my location, one group caught my eye: New Moms with Babies Born in Late 2013/Early 2014. Check and check!

The First Meet Up….almost

I happily signed Blake and I up for their next meet up which consisted of lunch at Tin Leaf Fresh Kitchen (one of my favorite lunch spots which confirmed that I was truly in the right group here).

When last Thursday rolled around, I dressed Blake up in a cute little outfit, packed her diaper bag, brushed my hair (I know…crazy!) strapped her in her car seat and was about to load us into the car when I thought – let me just check to make sure it’s at 12 noon. Much to my terror, the meetup was at 12 noon – but on the following Thursday! Woopsies – I’ll chalk this one up to lack of sleep!

And with Blake in a cute outfit (and not crying) and mommy with makeup on (say what!) we called Daddy and met him for lunch instead – so not all was lost!

Baby Girl Outfit

The Real First Meet Up: The Sky is Falling!

Alrighty, flash forward to this week and the ACTUAL first meet up date with our group. Again, Blake=cute outfit, Mommy=makeup. Just as I was about to put Blake in her car seat to leave, she spit up all over my sweater and hair. For a good 5 seconds I contemplated changing my shirt and rinsing my hair but then quickly decided that if these other women DIDN’T smell like baby spit up, I would question their parenting – and with that, we got into the car and were on our way.

About half way there it started raining and my initial reaction was sheer panic. (Before you roll your eyes, please note: we live in San Diego where rain or any other type of “weather” is extremely rare). Thoughts running through my head: Blake’s never been in the rain, I don’t have an umbrella, she doesn’t have a rain coat, can my stroller go in the rain? After a very-hurried unload process, I had successfully locked Blake’s car seat into the stroller, covered it all with a blanket and began running through the rain to the restaurant. When we got into the restaurant I frantically peeled back the blanket to look at her and then smiled in triumph – dry as a whistle!

The Real First Meet Up: Stroller Chaos

We had all originally planned to sit out on the back patio of Tin Leaf where we could easily fit all of our strollers near a table, but, again – the rain surprised everyone so we were stuck inside, which was quite cramped. After about 30 minutes of trying to find a table that would fit the 4 of us and our (huge) strollers with babies inside – the manager came over and asked us to put our strollers outside because of fire code and something about us blocking the exit of the restaurant. Another 15 minutes and we all managed to unload our car seats, place them in upside down high chairs (this was a first for me) and wheel our strollers outside. Phew, what an ordeal.

The Real First Meet Up: First Time Moms

Everything was smooth and wonderful from that point forward. I so enjoyed the conversation with these other women (all first time moms too) and it was great to hear that they were all going through the same ups, downs, confusion and triumphs as I was. We all went around the table and told our birth stories, compared notes on baby development, the struggles and solutions with breastfeeding,  sleeping strategies and recommended baby gear brands. We even had time to talk non-baby for a few minutes – what colleges we attended, about our careers and where we go to get our hair done (you know – the important stuff). 😉 Best part of all – 3 of the 4 babies slept through the lunch (Blake included). I’ll take those odds any day.

I was very happy that I had a lot in common with these women, even past the fact that we were all first time moms. And with a new meet up date in our calendars (next Tuesday at the park), Blake and I headed sprinted back to the car through the rain – me all smiles and B still fast asleep. :)

Mommy Playdate
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12 thoughts on “Rookie Mom Challenge #2: Join a Mom’s Group

  1. Good for you!! 2 down! It’s funny how it’s never nearly as bad as you think it will be. And if it is, it’s funny…. later. :) I just learned the upside down high chair trick from a waitress at a mexican restaurant here in SF. That was our first time out with Phoebe and we felt so clueless. That little trick blew my mind. My little one is 5 months old but we are just starting to do the Rookie Mom challenges too because all we really do is grocery shop, go for walks in our neighborhood, or go to Target. We want to branch out. I’m loving following along with you!

    • I completely agree – once you get over your fear and just go for it, everything usually (knock on wood) ends up better than you think it will. Thanks for following along. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts about your own Rookie Mom challenges! Blake and I are having such a blast checking each one off the list – you and your little one will love it! :)

  2. Hi, I’m from San Diego too and would love to join that MeetUp group! I’m apart of a couple other groups, but my daughter was born in September and I’m a FTM, so your group sounds like a perfect fit! I couldn’t find it when I searched though… is there any other info you could give me about the group to find it? Thanks!

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