#FitFabFeb Workout #4 – Circuit Training at Home

Wowza, I have been lagging with posting more #FitFabFeb workouts. Sorry, I’ve been eating instead (sigh). BUT, I’m back on track this week and ready to finish the month off strong – let’s do this!

Here’s a new workout to mix into your routines:

Circuit training workout

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2 thoughts on “#FitFabFeb Workout #4 – Circuit Training at Home

  1. I did one round of this, via your Instagram, the other day and then moved on to my lower-intensity stool stepping up and down.

    I’m going to use your workouts as an example of content that invites readers to join you or take action in my presentation at the Baby Bloggy Bootcamp on Friday. (Just didn’t want you to be surprised when your graphic shows up on a slide!)

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