Rookie Mom Challenge #8: Go Out for Just Dessert

Mother Daughter Outing for Dessert

This is the 31st challenge in the list of 52 weekly Rookie Moms Challenges, but I had to skip ahead because – let’s be honest – I was craving a cupcake.

Blake and I had just finished a great workout at The Dailey Method Barre Studio (their baby classes are such a good workout for mom and so entertaining for Blake) and instead of heading straight home and making myself a healthy smoothie – like the angel on my shoulder told me to – I listened to the little devil instead and pulled straight into Elizabethan Desserts.

Elizabethan Desserts is the cutest little dessert parlor in Encinitas.  When you walk through the doors you feel like you just entered into a beautiful doll house – it’s decorated in bright turquoise and crisp white with pops of yellow flowers on each table. I could have sat in that shop all day – sipping tea and eating cupcakes.

Elizabethan Desserts

I was so excited to show Blake the bright colors and the fun cupcakes displayed in the window, but when I went to take her out of her car seat, I realized the little darlin’ was fast asleep (guess she really did get a good workout in at our barre class). At least I got to take this cute picture of her in the over-sized turquoise chair.

Baby Outing

I ordered the coconut cream cupcake for myself and a mini red velvet cupcake for Blake. Don’t worry, I ate hers for her (the things we must do for our children). They were absolutely incredible

Elizabethan Desserts

All in all a very sweet mother daughter outing. And I can’t wait to make this a cute little tradition for Blake and I – mommy/daughter dessert dates at Elizabethan Desserts – sitting in the big turquoise chairs, sharing cupcakes and enjoying the make-believe ambiance. Perfect.

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17 thoughts on “Rookie Mom Challenge #8: Go Out for Just Dessert

  1. I love the sweet little rose cupcake! That one was for your lovely daughter, right? :) Looks like her type. Love San Diego, will add this shop as a must go next time I visit!

    • Yes, the little one was for Blake (but I ate it for her) 😉 Yes, you must go visit next time you’re in SD!

  2. I love that you ordered her a baby cupcake! Next time I’m in Encinitas I’m going to make a point to stop in to this adorable shop for a treat.

    • YES! please come visit! haha – I’m sure Blake would love to go on a little baby date with your adorable son! :)

  3. I love everything about your cupcake outing… including that you ate Blake’s treat, too! The intended challenge to this challenge is to see if you and your husband can get a date night if you’re still too afraid of real babysitters. Is it uncool if I challenge you to get another dessert?

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