Things That Become Difficult When You Have a Toddler and a Baby Bump

I’ve been lucky enough to have two “normal” pregnancies with no complications so far, and for that I am thankful. But, I will not lie, this second pregnancy has been much harder than my first. Maybe it’s because I just blocked out some of the less-glamorous aspects of being pregnant from my memory after the first time, or maybe it’s because I now have an energetic little toddler running around 24/7. Either way, the simple, small tasks of every day life have become increasingly more and more difficult when you have a toddler and a baby bump. Here are a few that come to mind:

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Gone are the days when my toddler can cuddle up on my chest before bed time. She still tries but it’s not the most comfortable of places with a huge basketball between us. The cuddle sessions have evolved over the last few weeks from cuddling on my chest, to cuddling on the side, to now cuddling with Dad. :(

Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! Belly bumps make it almost impossible to gently place a toddler in her crib for nap time or bed time – especially if the mattress is on the bottom level. My only solution is to reach in as far as my baby bump will allow and then ever-so-gently drop my toddler onto her mattress while saying a quick prayer that the minor fall doesn’t jolt her wide awake. This works about 75% of the time, and that percentage keeps dwindling as the bump gets bigger and the height of the drop increases.

Nausea and food aversions have made it pretty difficult to whip up any sort of weird-smelling vegetable, chicken, or any other food that doesn’t sit well with me on that particular day. What’s worse? Watching your toddler attempt to eat said food while she smears it all over her face and the high chair. I’m still trying to perfect hiding my look of disgust during meal time. “Mmm, yummy green beans!” (barf!)

My daughter LOVES reading books so this has been a big adjustment for us. No longer can she sit directly on my lap while turning through the pages of her favorite books. We’ve switched our routine to her sitting directly beside me, tucked under my arm enjoying Good Night Moon for the 50th time that day.

Bending down to almost ground level to place shoes on a moving target is quite the challenge. I’ve found that counters come in nicely, if you can get your little one to sit still for more than 5 seconds and not jump off!

During my first pregnancy I worked full time, and often kept long hours at the office Monday through Friday – I thought that was tiring, even though I had the weekends to rest and do nothing. Now, this second time around, staying home with my 18 month old daughter is sort of like completing an obstacle course over and over again, 24/7. I chase her around, bend down then up to pick stuff up off the floor, lift her up and then down, carry her around for long periods of time, etc. Let’s just say, I hit the couch hard after she goes down at 7PM every night.

I know life is about to get a whole lot harder with “two under two” in the house, but at least I’ll be able to bend down and touch my toes when that time comes. 😉

Pregnant moms with toddlers, what else would you add? 

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5 thoughts on “Things That Become Difficult When You Have a Toddler and a Baby Bump

  1. I was so, so tired when I was pregnant with my first and working full time. I’d nap in my car at lunch time and pass out on the couch at 7 pm when I got home. I often wonder how Mamas handle that exhaustion when they are pregnant again. I’m glad to hear that your pregnancy is going smoothly and I hope you get a nice nap very soon!

  2. Nobody tells you that pregnancy with a toddler is more challenging – but it really is! I forgot about that whole putting them into the crib with a baby bump – I used a step stool to try and make my reach work better – it did help in the beginning but the bigger that belly got the step stool trick stopped working. There needs to be a real solution to this problem!

  3. Hey there, french mama speaking (little boy 27months and 6 months pregnant), you forget the baaath ! Well, you are right it’s not the same magic as the 1st time, i hesitate between,”please hurry to come so i can put my shoes on again”, and “no no take your time it’s already too difficult everyday without complete nights”. ^^
    So, well, I can’t put him to bed so, he is very happy to “help mama”, he likes doing new stuff like “sacred missions” he is happy to contribute, i give him more freedom ans he loves it, i can’t carry him around and i cannot fight for him to go into the bathtube so i “trust” him and i’m lucky that he cares to please me, try and ask her to to do things for you, you’ll see she’ll be proud to help you. At night, i read to him (i have a rocking chair so i can have a confortable angle, he is horizontal and i hold the book above his head, then, (his favorite part) he gets to chose the book himself in the library, that he can bring with him in his bed (baby closed bed too hard to bend), so i just need to help him get inside (he helps, putting his legs up) and then he “reads” to his “friends”. Voila, i let him read or play in his bed and he finds his sleep alone :) Hope it helps ?

  4. Oh bless! Life sure does change when you add another bundle of joy into the mix doesn’t it? I have just the one son but at least now I have an idea of what to expect during pregnancy if we ever decide to go for another one!
    Lovely blog :)

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