Fab Mom: Katharine Coggeshall of Fitness Translator

I’m excited to introduce you to a new “Fab Mom” in my Fab Mom Series, Katharine Coggeshall of Fitness Translator. Katharine recently switched careers from being a full-time scientist to becoming an in-home personal trainer, specializing in women’s weight loss. The career switch enables her to spend more time with her three children, while giving something back to the community — her knowledge of science-based healthy weight loss, especially for moms trying to lose weight after baby is born!

You can follow Katharine on Facebook and Twitter, or learn more about what she has to offer on her website here.

Here’s Katharine:

fitness translator

Who calls you mom and how old are they?

I have 3 little ones: Emma (7 yrs), Michael (5 yrs), and Adeline (3 yrs).

What do you do?

I’m an in-home personal trainer, specializing in women’s weight loss, and I have a health and wellness blog—FitnessTranslator.com. But when my kids get out of school in the afternoon, I’m home with them. They get my full attention.

What does a typical day look like for you?

All 3 littles are dropped off at school and I prioritize my day: my own exercise routine, in-home training sessions, blogging, household chores, and lots of reading. When the kids are done with school, I pick them all up and we do our afterschool activities, head home to prep dinner, spend the evening with daddy, and put them all to bed.

Any advice on how to “juggle it all”?

Organize! I make lists of all the lists I need to make. Every Sunday I plan the meals for the week and make a grocery list to coincide with it. I write down all of the activities and action items needed for the kids that week, and a separate list of my own action items. I keep a pad of paper and a pen in my purse at all times, because if it doesn’t get written down it is probably not going to happen!

When was the first time you really felt like a mother?

When I breastfed my first baby. It’s a powerful thing. I can remember every detail of it still.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mom?

Having mommy guilt—that feeling like I’m supposed to be conquering the world mixed with that feeling of I’m supposed to be taking care of my babies. You never feel 100% comfortable with where you are at that moment because you can never be in 2 places at once.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

When I see one of my children being kind to another child. I feel like all of my caring, patience, disciplining, time, and energy was worth it. Like I helped to add something positive to this world.

What’s the funniest/most shocking thing that has happened to you since you’ve become a mom?

I was recently prepping my assembly line of lunches in the morning, and my youngest (Adeline) asked me to make her some pancakes (“fancakes” as she likes to call them). I told her I was too busy, so she decided to quietly help me out by making them herself. She knew all of the ingredients and poured them all on the floor: flour everywhere, smashed eggs, oil, and even some cinnamon! She was so proud of herself, I didn’t know what to say!

I wrote a post about “mental snapshots” that I’ll always remember, even without a photo. I know it’s hard to choose one, but what is your favorite moment, or “mental snapshot”, with your little ones so far?

This past summer I took all of my kids back to my home town in New Mexico to visit my family and their cousins. My mental snapshot is of my littles with all of their cousins, playing in the desert just like I used to do growing up. It was really special.

What has been your best baby product purchase so far and why? What age is it appropriate for?

A Moby wrap. It’s appropriate for newborn-toddler. My second baby practically lived in it while I was chasing my oldest around, who was a toddler at the time. Babies find it so soothing and moms can actually have their hands free.

What’s something new you have learned about yourself after becoming a mother?

I never realized how patient I could be. In fact, I don’t think I was until I had children. But there is no limit to what a mother will do for her child, even learn to be patient!

What do you do to unwind/relax when you have some rare time to yourself?

Apart from exercising, I love to get a massage and take a really hot bath. It’s even better when your muscles are really sore.

What is your favorite outing, to date, with your little ones?

I love the San Diego Zoo. It’s a really nice combination of nature, walking, attractions, and excitement. My kids are never bored there and they always sleep really well afterward!

I have a running list of Whine & Dine Restaurants that are family-friendly in San Diego. What’s your favorite restaurant that you frequent with your family and in what city? Why do you dine out there?

We love the Panera in Carmel Mountain Ranch because it has a covered outdoor area that is absolutely perfect for noisy kids! It’s even shady.

Pretend your best friend is pregnant and about to have a baby. What’s the most important piece of advice you would share about “motherhood”?

Never forget to mother yourself. She won’t need much advice about mothering her child, we do it pretty naturally, but we moms never understand the importance of nurturing ourselves. Your child benefits from it as well.

For more information about Fitness Translator, contact Katharine:

fitness translator


Find the Most Qualified Nannies in San Diego on The Nanny League

The following is a sponsored post brought to you by The Nanny League. All opinions are my own. 

While I’m a stay-at-home mom and haven’t required the services of a nanny up until this point, I’ve seen many fellow mom friends go through the tiring task of finding and locking down a good nanny. It’s often hard to find nanny services that fit within your family unit — whether it be a matter of schedules, family values, reliability or ease of mind, finding and choosing the right candidate is no easy feat.

It’s no doubt that your children are the most important pieces of your life, so naturally you want to find the best possible person to care for them. But where to begin in the search? How to conduct background checks and evaluate past references? The sheer process of finding the right person to nanny your children often seems daunting and overwhelming. That’s why I was very interested to learn about The Nanny League, and their services now opening up in San Diego.

The Nanny League

The Nannies

The Nanny League

The Nanny League matches only college-educated, highly competent, creative and nurturing nannies with families residing in and around New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County and now San Diego (yay for us!). They are also able to extend their reach in other cities across the U.S., based on referral.

What sets The Nanny League apart from other nanny placement services, is their meticulous, personalized process to find and vet potential candidates to serve your family’s exact needs. All of their nannies go through a highly discriminating selection and screening process including background checks, drug screening, and thorough reference review. Each nanny must also be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement, if requested by the family.

Representing and helping place such exceptional, smart, selfless, loving and inspirational professional nannies is one thing, but knowing that they are helping impact the lives of so many children, in such a positive way, is by far the most rewarding aspect to my job.  They are the ones who make what I do not a job at all, but instead, truly a labor of love.” – Lindsay Thomason, CEO TNL 

To ensure families are selecting from the best of the best, each nanny who is accepted into the Nanny League must:

  • Posses at least at BA/BS college degree
  • Be CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Have the ability co make a one-year commitment to a family
  • Have at least two years childcare experience
  • Have excellent work and personal references
  • Be a U.S. Citizen
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Be fluent in English (bilingual a plus)
  • Be a competent swimmer
  • Be a Non-smoker
  • Sign a no cell phone driving guarantee

I just love this up-front vetting process – especially the no cell phones while driving which is such an important conversation to have with your caregiver in today’s world!

Where to Begin?

The Nanny League

The Nanny League offers full-time and part-time nanny placements as well as babysitters and tutors in a variety of subjects.

Because no two families’ needs are the same, the Nanny League will work with you to create a job description and salary that will attract the right candidate from their database of nanny professionals. It’s through this personalized matching service, that your family will find the perfect caregiver for your children.

The Nanny League believes in their matching process so much that they even offer to provide two replacements during the first six months of your contract at no additional charge in the rare event that a nanny does not work out with your family.

Find Your Family Nanny:

Contact The Nanny League for more information and to take the first step in finding a loving nanny for your family.

San Diego Contact: Anna Stein
Phone Number: (206) 349-1622
Email: anna@thenannyleague.com
ebsite: www.thenannyleague.com

You can also connect with The Nanny League and their wonderful nannies at upcoming MomCo San Diego playdates! During these playdates the nannies play and conduct crafts, face painting and games with the children so the parents can socialize and get to know each other. To find an upcoming playdate, download the MomCo app here.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by The Nanny League. All opinions are my own. 

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