Spring has Sprung: 5 New Goals

Happy first day of spring! There’s something about the first day of spring that just screams new beginnings. The flowers blooming, the birds chirping, Tucker chasing the birds that are chirping…

I always like to set little goals for myself right around this time, because, let’s be honest, my New Year’s resolutions don’t always stick at first (I think everyone needs a good couple of months after the holidays to recover and regroup).

So, in no particular order, here is my list of 5 goals for Spring 2014:

1. Exercise More: I know,I know, SO predictable. But after my Fit, Fab Feb, I pretty much fell off the wagon. With this warm weather upon us, thinking about getting back into a bikini after having a baby is probably the scariest thing I’ve faced since a man with a chain saw chased me at a haunted house two Halloween’s ago (and that was TERR-I-FY-ING)! That being said, I MUST find the time to workout. And “finding the time” has come to mean, incorporating Blake into my workouts. Here are some great links featuring workouts that incorporate your baby. Blake and I tried a few of these and Blake laughed the whole time – so much fun!

2. Entertain in our Backyard: Pre-baby I use to love to entertain at our house. Strike that, pre-pregnancy! I tried to entertain a few times while I was prego and the whole, being too tired to enjoy the party and not being able to indulge in an adult-beverage with my guests, really just put a kibosh on the whole thing. But, now that Blake is a little older and not crying every hour, I can’t wait to host some fun spring and summer parties in our backyard! After finding this awesome lantern at HomeGoods and digging out this cool book from the closet, I’m ready to start planning some par-ties!

outdoor entertaining

Get your party pants on and follow my Outdoor Entertaining Pinterest Board for inspiration!

3. Plan Summer Vacations: Some of the best memories from my childhood were while we were on vacation. I can’t wait to take Blake on so many fun adventures, exploring new cities and countries. I want her to know how to get dirty while roughing it camping but also how to dress up for afternoon tea in Paris. (Check out more of my hopes for her, written before she was even born). I just can’t wait to show her the world!  This summer we’ll be taking her to Lake Tahoe, Colorado and the Outer Banks to start. So much planning, so little time!

4. Launch my Business: It’s official – I won’t be returning to Hyatt after my maternity leave. After living and breathing that job for 4 years, it’s time for me to take the next step professionally and launch my own marketing consulting business. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but finally life seems to be just where it should be in order to take this next step. It will also allow me a flexible schedule to be a full-time “Mommy” to Miss Blake. So, with one client strong, I’m launching KH Marketing in the next couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll even throw a Launch Party to also help with my goal #2?

KH Marketing

5. Teach Blake How to Walk: Juuust kidding – the child is not even 4 months old! But, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next. Her belly laughing and now, rolling over are so adorable I just don’t know how she’s going to top those. (Somehow, I know she will). :)

baby girl spring fashion

Happy Spring!


5 Reasons Why October is the Best Month in San Diego

Ever since I moved to San Diego 12 years ago, I’ve always said that October is my absolute favorite month in this beautiful city. This October is no exception so I thought I’d share my top 5 reasons why I love this month in San Diego:

  1. The tourists are gone but the beaches are still here.
    Don’t get me wrong, I work in the hospitality industry so I love tourists Monday-Friday 9-5. However, in my personal life, I prefer empty, wide-open beaches, parking options abound, and no long wait times for window seats at some of the best oceanfront restaurants in San Diego.
  2. It’s the best month for overall weather and sunsets.
    I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t San Diego always 70-something?” While this may be true, during the month of October you don’t have to worry about the “May Gray”, “June Gloom” or August heat waves. It’s mostly blue skies, mid-70’s during the day and light crisp (but not cold) air in the mornings and evenings. October is San Diego’s prime time and if you don’t believe me, here’s proof:San Diego Sunset  San Diego sunset
  3. Kids are Free in San Diego!
    No, we’re not giving away children! Kids get free (almost) everything in October. This includes admission to some of San Diego’s best attractions including, but not limited to: USS Midway Museum, Birch Aquarium, SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, San Diego Air & Space Museum, San Diego Museum of Art and much more! Many restaurants also offer “Kids Eat Free” specials in the month of October. See the full list of “kids free” activities here.
  4. How do you like them apples?
    October is (award-winning) apple harvest time in the quaint town of Julian – just a quick 45 minute drive from San Diego.  Explore the town, get your fix on some true fall foliage (I’m not talking about brown palm tree leaves), enjoy art shows and entertainment and I dare you to leave without buying some homemade apple pie!
  5. Beer, beer and more (really good) beer.
    Now, maybe it’s the German in me, but when I think of October I think of beer (Prost!) And with San Diego climbing the ranks as the micro-brew capital of America (we’re kinda a big deal), October is a great month to explore our city’s new claim to fame. Find a few local Oktoberfests including celebrations in Ocean Beach and La Mesa and check out some of my personal favorite breweries (when I’m not prego of course): Mother Earth Brew Co., Stone Brewing Co. and Coronado Brewing Co.
  6. Stone Brewery
    Glass Wall of Beer Bottles at Stone Brewery, Point Loma)

Now go out and enjoy the last half of the best month in San Diego! Welcome to the good life!

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