Whine & Dine: Casa Sol y Mar

San Diego is full of great Mexican food. That’s one of the things I love about this city – no matter what neighborhood you’re in, you can always count on a great Mexican food restaurant just around the corner. Casa Sol y Mar in Del Mar is no exception.

It was raining the night we decided to try this place out, so I was extremely thankful for the convenient parking lot in the Del Mar Highlands shopping center – not having to search for street parking is always a plus when you have a baby!

The Low Down

  • The ambiance was very cool – I loved all of the colorful lanterns hanging throughout the main dining room and the bright red ceiling. There is also a large outdoor patio that would be perfect for dining on a non-rainy day (so, the other 360 days of the year in San Diego).

Del Mar Restaurant

  • The hostess purposely sat us in the back in a quiet booth because Blake was sleeping, so imagine the look on my face when the 4 piece mariachi band began playing (complete with a trumpet) right next to us! I studied Blake’s face waiting for her to be startled awake, but she just kept on snoozing as if nothing was going on – impressive!
  • The food was great. I usually judge a Mexican restaurant by it’s chips and salsa – so after I devoured the whole basket of chips and bowl of salsa, I knew our entrees were going to be good. I had the chicken fajitas and a corona (while channeling a peaceful white sandy beach and palm tree like you see on those Corona commercials). Everything was fantastic and the service was spot on.

Del Mar Mexican Restaurant Mexican Restaurant Del Mar

My Favorite Part

When I looked down and realized that our guacamole was sticking its tongue out at me. Now, if that’s not a good time, then I don’t know what is. :p

San Diego Mexican restaurant

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