Cox’s New Contour Changes Television

The following is a sponsored post from Cox Communications.

With my daughter now almost 3 years old, I’ve started letting her watch a few choice shows on TV. Especially now that baby brother is here, keeping my toddler entertained while tending to the baby has saved me time and time again. A quick shout out to my 25-minute babysitters: Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Sophia the First.

This being said, I now care about things that weren’t on my radar before having a TV-watching toddler. Like, being able to monitor and limit what she watches (she’s surprisingly technologically advanced with a remote!), being able to easily record her favorite shows all at once, and being able to find and play these programs fast (aka baby bro is crying and I need to play Daniel Tiger immediately so I can tend to him).

That’s why I was excited to partner with Cox Communications and attend their media event which rolled out their newest product, Contour.Voice_Remote_Comp
In a word, Contour is: awesome! It’s also pioneering the way we interact with our television.

Here are the 10 best new features that allow you to get more out of TV and “get right to the good stuff” with Contour:

1. I’ll start with my favorite — the Kids Zone — which monitors and limits what children can watch with security PINs. There’s also Integrated Common Sense Media ratings that help parents select age-appropriate programs.


2. Typing or scrolling to search for programs is a thing of the past. With the new Contour remote you can speak directly into your remote and give demands to change the channel, search for your favorite actor, movie genre, or ask for recommendations (ya, they know what you like!) You can even say a line from a movie into the remote and it will find that movie – think “to infinity and beyond” and watch as it brings up Toy Story (coolest feature ever?)

3. The interface is served from the cloud so updates and enhancements can happen smoothly and regularly.

4. The “last” button has stepped up its game and now let’s you choose from the last NINE programs you recently viewed.

5. The new on-screen guide displays rich graphics, show and movie posters, and super detailed information on more than 35,000 On Demand titles. And if you want to rent a movie with a particular actor, just say the actor’s name into your remote and browse all of the movie titles staring said actor. (Will Ferrell movie binge watching? Yes, please!)


6. You can download the Contour app on Apple or Android devices and watch your favorite shows from anywhere in the house, on your tablet or smart phone.


7. Want to view specific news, sports games, weather and traffic all in once place? There’s a (personalized) app for that which can be viewed simultaneously with other programming. The sports app even includes details of games across all channels, fantasy sports information and game rosters and stats.

8. You know those annoying big boxes that are usually installed for each TV in the house? The new Contour box is SUPER small and sleek.

9. You can store up to 300 hours of high-def programming, 1,000 hours of standard-def programming, and can record six programs at the same time! How, you ask? Oh just A TRILLION bytes of storage capacity – nbd.

10. SOS! If you’re ever lost you can conveniently ask your remote for “help” and view tips and tricks and a help menu with common video tutorials. That remote is one smart cookie!

All in all the new Contour platform is very impressive and truly provides innovative updates that the whole family will appreciate.

Now, if you need me — I’ll be quoting movie lines into my remote. It’s just so fun!

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