Whine and Dine: The Patio on Lamont

If you read my restaurant reviews, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m all about the ambiance and overall vibe of a place. If I’m going out to eat, I want to feel like it’s an event: unique decor, music to set the tone and of course, delicious food and fabulous drinks to back it all up. After visiting the Patio on Lamont, this place checks all of those requirements and then some! (Warning: this post is going to be very picturesque because The Patio is so unique and photogenic, words simply don’t do it justice). San Diegans (and future visitors of San Diego): if you haven’t visited the Patio on Lamont yet, please add this to the top of your “must try” list.

I dined with my two sisters and daughter in what turned out to be a beautiful “girls day” for lunch on The Patio:

The Low Down:

  1. An Environment to Remember: The Patio on Lamont is the type of restaurant where you feel like you could just sit there for hours – pretty, comfortable and interesting enough to stimulate your senses. We opted to sit outside on the patio (because, when in Rome), next to the beautiful green living wall. Succulents adorned every table with bulb lights hanging overhead, and a brick fireplace and cool indoor/outdoor bar to complete the scene. Scratch wanting to stay here for hours, I wanted to move right in! I was pleasantly surprised that The Patio’s interior was just as gorgeous – big windows, dramatic mirrors, fun chairs, and mood set by way of chandeliers (my favorite!)
    the patio on lamont
    the patio on lamont
    the patio on lamontthe patio on lamontthe patio on lamont
  2. All-Day Happy Hour: I mean, how can you say no when they offer half off wine, drafts and cocktails, Monday – Friday 11AM – 6PM? Both of my sisters ordered the Patio Mules (Bourbon, Ginger Syrup, Pear Puree Lime Juice and Ginger Beer) and I was feeling fancy so I went with some bubbly: the sparkling rosé to be exact. All were excellent and now I’m a huge fan of sparkling rosé, a new one for me. Weekend goers are also in luck because they offer an afternoon happy hour, Saturday and Sunday from 3PM – 6PM.
    The Patio on Lamont
  3. Let’s talk about the food: If I could pick two words to describe their cuisine, it would be delicious and beautiful. Besides food that tastes good, I always feel the presentation really drives it home and get’s your taste buds excited, like “I’m about to experience something incredible.” And it was all incredible. We shared the Radicchio & Grilled Endive Salad with arugula, apples, candied walnuts, chevre, and dijon-agave vinaigrette, the Roasted Beet Bruschetta with beets, goat cheese, arugula, candied walnuts on ciabata bread, and the Beef & Bleu Flatbread with new york steak, Gorgonzola, Mushrooms, roasted Garlic sauce and white truffle oil (I want to have this flatbread everyday for lunch, and maybe even for dinner!) And of course, the perfect end to our dining experience: Crème brûlée! Check out these show-stoppers:the patio on Lamont
    the patio on lamont
    The Patio on Lamont
  4. Smaller Bites: They offer a kids menu including some favorites, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, cheeseburgers, pasta with marinara and pasta with butter sauce.
  5. Bring the Pup: They’re dog friendly! I just get SO excited when I hear the words “dog friendly” because my first (and furry) child, Tucker likes to join in on family fun days as much as possible!
  6. Live Music: Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 6-9PM. The vibe of this place was already so cool, I can only imagine what live music does for the already-stellar environment. I MUST come back to enjoy some live music while sipping my sparkling rosé. Heaven!

My Favorite Part:

Besides me wanting to move into this restaurant because of the decor, my favorite part was the roasted beet bruschetta with goat cheese! It was absolutely delicious and I just couldn’t get over how pretty and colorful it was! A must try!
the patio on Lamont

Visit the Patio on Lamont:

4445 Lamont Street
San Diego, CA 92109

Disclaimer: I received complimentary food and beverage to review this restaurant. However, all opinions are my own and the Mommy Project, San Diego only features restaurants that we can truly recommend. 

Whine & Dine: Pacific Coast Grill

I’ll always remember this Whine & Dine at Pacific Coast Grill because this was my first Mother’s Day celebration! The hubby did good! Pacific Coast Grill literally sits on the sand in Cardiff-by-the-Sea with outdoor patios on the first and second floor. Really, there’s not a bad seat in the house. From large bay windows all you see is sandy beaches, blue ocean water and some built-in entertainment watching the surfers and kite surfers cruise by. This place exudes a true San Diego ambiance.

The Low Down

  • Super friendly service. We eat at Pacific Coast Grill about once a month. The manager, Ryan, recognized us when we walked in and warmly welcomed us back – we were very impressed and the small gesture made us feel like valued patrons. Our waitress was also extremely accommodating.
  • Appetizers that don’t disappoint. We always order the regular guacamole as an appetizer to start because it’s phenomenal. On this day we decided to upgrade and go with the Lobster and Dungeness Crab Guacamole – essentially the same amazing guacamole covered in big chunks of lobster and crab. Heaven!
  • Pink Drinks. No PCG brunch is complete without a Blood Orange Mimosa or a glass of Rosé. I had a glass of each because it was Mother’s Day and I was parched.

Pacific Coast Grill

  • Fresh Fish. Going to PCG and not ordering some sort of fish dish is like going to Napa and not ordering wine -it’s just inexcusable! I ordered the Spicy Tuna Roll with tempura jalapeno – absolutely incredible! – my husband ordered the Surf & Turf roll with seared steak, and my sister ordered the Pan Seared Sea Bass. I had a bite of everything and it was all amazing. I’m still dreaming about this Spicy Tuna roll.

Pacific Coast Grill

  • A Dessert to Remember. When it was time for dessert the Butterscotch Granny Smith Apple Pie with Tahitian vanilla gelato caught my eye and yes, it was just as incredible as it sounds. Imagine chunks of butterscotch baked into the warm pie and then topped with the cold vanilla gelato. Perfection.

Pacific Coast Grill

My Favorite Part

Hands down the Apple Pie! Oh, and after lunch Blake insisted on wearing her new heart sunglasses (they’re adorable) and we all walked out onto the sand right behind Pacific Coast Grill to take this little gem of a picture. Successful Mother’s Day with my beautiful family and great food!

Pacific Coast Grill


Pacific Coast Grill
2526 S. Coast Hwy 101
Cardiff, CA

Whine & Dine: Notorious Burgers

There’s not too many things in this world that beat a good burger and a craft brew on a Friday night. My husband and I had been wanting to try Notorious Burgers in Carlsbad for a while, so when Friday night rolled around and we wanted to go out somewhere casual with good food and local beers on tap, Notorious Burgers it was!

The Lowdown

  • This restaurant gives off the old neighborhood speakeasy feel and I love this line, straight from their website: “…this old city speakeasy reminiscent of the Rat Pack’s glory days will transport you back to a time when made men made history, prohibition proved pointless and bootlegging was boss.”
  • The menu is made up of a selection of Appetizers, Gangster Greens, Notorious Burgers (obviously) and Speakeasy Sandwiches.
  • I have three words for you: Mobster Lobster Fries – just order them.

Notorious Burgers

  • You can either build your own burger or order from their house burgers like the Big Poppa Bacon BBQ Burger with all natural beef, bacon, cave-aged cheddar, hand-battered onion rings and bbq sauce or the Lucky Luciano’s Truffle Burger with all-natural beef, Stilton bleu cheese, bacon, micro arugula, and wild truffle mushroom demi – wowza!

Notorious Burgers

  • They proudly serve all-natural grass-fed beef.
  • They have a phenomenal local draft beer selection – I love that they support local brewers.
  • The service was fast and pleasant and very accommodating for our car seat and little Miss Blake.

Notorious Burgers

My Favorite Part

I fell in love with this place when I saw that they actually have a burger called the Notorious B.I.G. – I love me some Biggy Smalls (may he R.I.P.)! And OF COURSE I had to order it while “Hypnotize” played in my mind. Note: It was incredible!

Notorious Burgers

Whine & Dine: Solterra Winery & Kitchen

In my world, nothing says, I love you, like wine and tapas. My husband, knowing this, reserved the 3 of us an early Valentine’s Day dinner date at Solterra Winery & Kitchen. I had mistakingly been here once before when I was pregnant – talk about the biggest tease ever. See all of this great wine we offer? You can’t have any of it! I vowed to come back again one day when I wasn’t so… prego…and Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse. Blake was the cutest little valentine I could have ever asked for and, true to form, the noise of the restaurant put her right to sleep and she peacefully napped while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a beautiful dinner.

mommy blogger

The Low Down:

  • Very accommodating for the baby. They had originally reserved our table by the live music on the “winery” side of the restaurant (which would have been very cool had we not had little Miss Blake with us). They moved us to the opposite, quieter side of the restaurant without hesitation.
  • Amazing, friendly service. Our waitress was extremely attentive and friendly – she even brought Blake a menu so she didn’t feel left out  (I told her she’d take the filet and a glass of their best red). 😉  The owner even came by to thank us for the business.
  • Outstanding food. We ordered a smorgasbord of tapas including the Charcuterie Board (if you like green olives and prosciutto, this plate is for you), Aguachile (with bay shrimp – incredible), Tri-Tip Beef Skewers, Patatas Bravas and Krispy Brussels (with bacon!). Oh yes, and don’t forget the Costa Azul Malbec (come to mama)!
  • Ambiance gets a 10 – live music, surrounded by barrels of wine, country-chic feel (just my style)…perfection!

Solterra Winery & Kitchen   Solterra Winery & Kitchen

My Favorite Part:

Probably the Aguachile: Bay Shrimp, Hominy, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Cilantro, Avocado and Lemon-Jalapeño Broth – just typing this makes me want to hop in the car, head back to Solterra and order two more!

Solterra Winery & Kitchen

And my obvious favorite was spending time with my two Valentine’s. I’m a lucky girl! 😉


Whine & Dine: Kim’s Vietnamese Restaurant, Encinitas

My name is Kristin, and I’m a pho-aholic. There, I said it. I have an undeniable obsession love for Pho and would order it for take-out every night if that was acceptable in life.

That’s why I was extremely excited to find Kim’s Vietnamese Restaurant close by our house in Encinitas. Usually we order take-out from this place about once every other week, but in the spirit of our new vow to eat out more, we decided to dine in with little Miss Blake in tow.

The Low Down:

  • Very friendly service (they LOVED Blake).
  • Restaurant noise level was pretty quiet  with just enough white noise to keep Blake content.
  • The Vietnamese Zodiac Calendars pre-set on the tables were fun – I learned that I’m a Boar: “Noble and chivalrous (I started brushing my shoulders off). Your friends will be life long, yet you are prone to marital strife.” (Umm, what?! – Mike glared at me when I read the last part – haha!). Mike was a Rat: “Smart and honest (sounds about right). Prone to not having lasting friendships.” (Hmm – they really build you up just to cut you right down)!
  • We ordered egg rolls to start (delish!) and I got the Tofu Pho (I’m so predictable) and Mike went with the Chicken Chow Mein. Oh yes, and a glass of vino to bring out all of the flavors. 😉 Everything came out quickly, the food was piping hot and delicious and my water glass was always full (something I always appreciate)!

Pho Encinitas Kim's Restaurant

My Favorite Part:

Blake was awake throughout the whole dinner just peacefully sitting in her little car seat, watching Mike and I talk – so content. She even chimed in on our conversation with her sweet little coo’s every now and then. I just love her.

Mommy Blogger

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