Send a Flower & KIND Snacks via Bike Messenger in San Diego

Sorry for the double post today but this is such a cool promotion I just had to share before it ends on Friday!

Quick Back Story

In my humble opinion, breakfast bars are a moms best friend – fast, easy and the right ones can be very healthy. That’s why I’ve been loving addicted to KIND Healthy Grains bars, found at my local Sprouts store. (The Oats & Honey with toasted coconut might blow your mind – delicious)!

I had literally just eaten a bar for breakfast when KIND reached out to me to help them spread the word about their KIND-ness inspired program that is taking place this week in San Diego. I’m happy to help promote this brand and this cute promotion because literally, these bars are delicious!

KIND Breakfast Bar

Send KIND-ness

KIND is teaming up with Bicycle Film Festival to celebrate and inspire kindness by inviting individuals to have a FREE  flower bike-delivered to a friend, colleague, or family member in San Diego today through Feb 28. Individuals will have the ability to sign-up and include their very own personalized note through Thursday, February 27th. (I’ve already scheduled my delivery for a special someone – they’ll find out soon).

Jump on the KIND-ness wagon and send your free flower and KIND bars to friends in San Diego by signing up here!

Why not brighten someone’s day and spread the love? #kindawesome

Kindness Inspired Program San Diego

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