Fab Mom: Jillian Darlington of MomCo App

Another week, another Fab Mom spotlight! I’m very excited to introduce you to our next Fab Mom, Jillian Darlington. Jillian is the founder of the new MomCo App that just launched this week (a big congrats, Jillian!) She’s doing amazing things and all as a single mom which makes her story even more inspiring. You can follow Jillian on her social sites: FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, and check out her kickstarter campaign here. Without further ado, here’s Jillian:

momco app

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Jillian. I am the creator and founder of the MomCo App. I’m the single mom of 7yr old little boy, former small business owner and entrepreneur loving life in San Diego. I owned Play Town Indoor Playground in El Cajon 2009-2013. I was a stay at home mom until my marriage came to a tragic end in 2009. I bought Play Town to earn a living to support myself and my son while still being able to be a full time mom cause of the flexible schedule being a small business owner gives you. I started my current career as an entrepreneur with making a profit from selling Play Town and using that to build the MomCo App for the iPhone.

More than anything I’m a mom. My son and I are very active. We love going to indoor playgrounds, playing football, surfing and all the fun activities San Diego has to offer. I have never enjoyed anything more or been better at anything than being a parent. Everything I do in business is to support me being able to take care of my son 24/7 and fully participate in all his activities.

 What projects are you currently working on?

I have created an app for moms called MomCo. www.momcoapp.com It helps moms find and connect with other moms in their community as well as local businesses and services that cater to parents and children. It’s also a great platform for these service providers to connect directly with their target demographic. I have been able to fund the iPhone version with the capital I earned selling my last business. We are constantly working to add features and improve function with the current app to get it ready for the national launch. I have also just launched a Kickstarter Campaign http://kck.st/1wcnvrg to raise funds to build the Android and iPad versions of the app and for a national marketing campaign.

What inspired you to create the MomCo App?

The MomCo App was inspired by my own experience as a mom struggling to connect with other moms when I first had my son. I was young when I had him and I didn’t have any friends with kids. I spent the first two years of his life joining playgroups, hosting playdates and countless hours hanging out at the playground just hoping to meet moms I clicked with. Luckily I did because when my marriage fell apart, there is no way I would have survived raising a toddler on my own with no family in town, my grueling divorce, and being a small business owner without their constant love and support. But not every mom has the time or effort that I put into to building my amazing tribe of mom friends. The MomCo App make is effortless for moms to find other local moms that have things in common with It was also inspired by my experience as a small business owner trying to find the best way to reach to my target demographic.

Recently a couple of events have prompted me to have the idea for the MomCo App. I have lost a number of my close friends due to geographical moves. Their families have grown so they have had to move to larger houses or their husbands’ jobs were relocated, leaving me and my son behind. Two issues were brought up through this experience: 1) I needed to make some more friends that lived close by and 2) My friends who had moved were struggling to find new friends that they could connect with. I knew the technology existed to meet people through apps so I thought, “Why not build an App so moms no longer have to struggle to meet other moms that live close to them?”With the MomCo App, moms can effortlessly find and connect with other moms close by. The service provider side of the app comes from also knowing the needs of a new mom to find out what resources and services are available to them.

The service side was inspired by my own experience marketing Play Town and trying to find the most inexpensive and effective way to reach local moms. The MomCo App provides a great platform for small businesses and service providers to list themselves where their target demographic can easily locate and contact them. 

What  are your biggest goals with the MomCo App?

The goal of MomCo is to make the lives of moms easier across the globe. Also, to give small businesses and independent service providers that cater to parents and children at affordable and effect way to reach their local target demographic.

One of my biggest personal dreams is to get on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I would love to share my story with moms all over America on such a positive, up lifting, and entertaining show. Plus, I just love it and Ellen too. Hopefully my story would inspire other moms to put their dreams into action and show them that is possible to have an exciting career while still being able to spend as much time with kids as they want.

What sets your business aside from other similar businesses?

When I came up with the concept of an app that allows moms to connect with other moms, I didn’t see anything else like it. But from the time of conception to launch I have discovered one other app that help moms connect. Also one thats helps fine local businesses. But there isn’t one that does both like the MomCo App. The MomCo App is a one-stop shop for moms to find the people and products they need.

I learned a lot about marketing from owning my last business and it has become a passion of mine. I love the marketing and networking process. I have a really solid marketing plan for when the kickstarter campaign is over and I’m ready to launch the national marketing campaign of the MomCo App. I also have a BFA in Theatre and was a professional actress for years. I will be featured on one of Bravo’s top rated shows this fall and I have recently received other offers for shows. This will be amazing nation exposure for the app.

 What brings you the most joy in your work?

I love connecting with other women and moms that are entrepreneurs. We have amazing community and all support each other. Growing up I didn’t have many friends so I am extra appreciative for all the amazing women I currently have in my life that help and champion all my business endeavors.

 What are you most proud of? 

I am the most proud of the fact that not only did I survive a very difficult situation but I have actually used that experience to create an amazing life for myself and my son.

What does a typical day look like for you?

On a typical day I get my son ready and to school. I then go to pilates 2 or 3 times a week. I will run any errands I need to take care of that are easier to do without a 7 yr old little boy in tow. I will usually have at leaf one or two meetings a day. The entire time I am usually emailing and keeping up with social media. I pick up my son at 2. WE then go home. He gets to relax and play while I get a couple hours of work done. We then head off to football practice at 5pm. I get a ton of work done during his practice. I have a MacBook Air and a hot spot so I can work on my laptop while he practices. Then it’s dinner, shower and bed time. I usually work from 9pm-12am on the computer. My days are very full and busy but I love what I do so I enjoy it.

Any advice on how to “juggle it all”?

I juggle it all by always having a to do list and it’s prioritized. It keeps me on track. I write everything down. I would forget half my ideas if i didn’t write them down when I think of them. And to do everything that I need to do all day, I just do it. I try not think about it too much or let myself get overwhelmed. I just go. Being a single mom and entrepreneur I have a lot on my plate but I just do as much as I can every day. I try not to stress out over the things I can’t control. I also always look for activities that my son can do where there is good work space for me. So he is active and happy and I can still be productive. That is one of my best tips for any working mom.

Pretend your best friend is about to have a baby. What’s the best piece of advice you would share about motherhood?

Find an amazing tribe of women to raise your baby with. These women will be your support system, sounding board and best friends. That’s why I created the MomCo App. So every new mom can effortlessly connect with women that will help her survive the next phase her life. Yes I said survive, because sometimes it does feel like you are just surviving but it will also be the best, most rewarding and fun time of your life. But you can’t go through it alone. New moms need other moms! 

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