Five on Friday…

I learned about “5 on Friday” from a great blog I recently started following called, The Good Life. Basically, every Friday you post about any 5 things that you’re loving or that are inspiring you for that particular week. Sounds easy enough, so here goes nothing – 5 things that I’m loving right now:


The rain! Such a nice change and perfect for my relaxing maternity leave/countdown until baby girl arrives. Finally, it feels like fall in San Diego.

Mommy Project San Diego


This Rhinestone Velour Hoodie and Pants from Victoria’s Secret that I may or may not have purchased for my “going home outfit” from the hospital (of course there is some bling!) and this Plush Fleece Robe that feels like you’re wearing a cloud (also from Victoria’s Secret). So comfy!

Velour pantsuit   Victoria's Secret


Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop from Starbucks: Peppermint chocolate cake mixed with buttercream and candy cane pieces, dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with candy cane bits. Oh, happy day!



My art projects for baby girl’s nursery. I’ve never claimed to be an artiste extraordinaire, but I had a blast painting while listening to music – so relaxing. Picasso better watch it. (Photo of the final artwork coming soon)!

Mommy Project San Diego


Tucker’s Bark Box arrived earlier this week and, in my humble opinion, was the best one yet! Big bags of treats, including the gourmet Truffle Mac & Cheese from Bocce’s Bakery in New York and a new favorite toy (Tuck’s words, not mine) with no stuffing inside so mom doesn’t have to clean it all up later!

Golden Retriever Dog

Happy Friday everyone!
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