Suzie’s Farm Summer Camps

Blake and I recently had the unique opportunity to experience a sneak peek at Suzie’s Farm’s upcoming Summer Camps. I’ve always heard great things about Suzie’s Farm so I was excited to check it out with my little sidekick in tow.

A Little Bit About Suzie’s Farm

Suzie’s Farm is a 140-acre USDA-certified organic farm near the Tijuana Estuary, 13 miles south of downtown San Diego. Once you exit the 5 and drive up to the farm, it feels like you’re no longer in San Diego – beautiful big fields in every direction and rolling hills in the distance. Suzie’s farm grows over 100 different types of crops per year and their products are found in many local Farmers Markets, grocery stores and restaurants.

Suzie's Farm


Suzie's Farm

Preview Tour

Blake and I experienced the preview tour with several other moms and children. When we first arrived we all gathered in a circle on the stage and played some games to introduce ourselves. Blake loved the fun songs and the entertaining dance moves.

Suzie's Farm Summer Camps

After the fun ice-breaker, all of the kids were given a basket and we followed our camp leader out onto the farm where we saw chickens and fields and fields of amazing produce. The kids actually got to walk into the fields and harvest different types of produce along the tour and they were loving it. As for Blake, she LOVED the chickens and was watching them intently – so adorable! [Fun Chicken Fact: Chickens will actually eat their own egg (shell and all) if it is cracked. The camp leader threw a cracked egg into the chicken pen and they all furiously gathered around and ate every last bite! Blake and I were amazed.]

Suzie's Farm Summer Camp

Suzie's Farm Summer Camps

Suzie's Farm Summer Camps

After the kids filled up their baskets with produce, we headed back to the entrance where everyone assembled “frankenveggies” – which is essentially a funny face using the produce picked from the fields (broccoli for the face, kale for the hair, onion slice for the lips, etc.) It was so cute and all of the kids were so proud of their creations.

Finally, we enjoyed a lovely organic lunch catered by Indulge Contemporary Catering, who used ingredients straight from Suzie’s Farm – it was incredible!

All in all it was an amazing day at the farm and we only got a small TASTE of all of the different types of kids camps that they’ll be offering this summer. Check out all of the options below – I can’t wait until Blake is old enough to enroll!

Suzie’s Farm Summer Camps Info.

Suzie’s Farm is offering interactive summer camp programs beginning June 16th, with a selection of unique experiences offered for children K-8th grade.

“Studies have shown that when kids get involved in learning where vegetables come from, it results in willingness to eat new foods and explore new tastes,” says Suzie’s Farm Director of Education, Melissa James. “Our summer camps germinate a new appreciation for food by allowing kids to get their hands dirty as they explore their interests in an inspiring outdoor setting.”

The fun and adventure-filled week-long camps explore topics ranging from art to cultivating a garden with 10:1 instruction and mentoring by trained staff. Camps offered this year include:

  • Farm Animals (June 16-20): Campers will spend the week with a hands-on experience with a focus on the world of bugs, birds and other animals that help grow food. Each day will also include caring for the camp garden. (Grades K – 5)
  • Junior Farmers (June 23-27): From planting seeds to harvesting the crops, campers will discover the ins and outs of a vegetable farm. The process of how seeds become plants, caring for the camp garden and tending to the chickens are some of the activities kids will enjoy. (Grades K – 5)
  • Farm Tools (July 7-11): Tools and tasks on the farm range from small to large and this camp covers them all. Kids will spend the week learning how to use farm tools, build chicken coop and explore the fields of Suzie’s Farm. (Grades K – 5)
  • Dirt Time! (July 14-18 and July 21-25): For the exploratory camper, days begin at the farm and take off to explore the surrounding fields and estuary. Kids will learn to track animals, develop primitive skills and expand their curiosity. (Ages 6+)
  • Farm Art (July 28 – Aug. 1): For the artistic farmer, this camp will include garden looms, creating food art and birdhouse painting. Campers will create art from the farm to brighten up their own home and garden. (Grades K – 5)
  • Farmer’s Market Camp (July 28 – Aug. 1): For the older campers, this week is dedicated to the incredible journey a seed takes from planting until the time it is consumed. Campers will learn to advertise, set up and run a farm stand resulting with their own stand on the farm at the end of the week. (Grades 5-8)
  • Farm Food (Aug. 4 – 8 and Aug. 11-15): Campers will engage their hands, heart and taste buds as different vegetables are explored. Through cooking lessons and other activities, campers will come home with a camp cookbook full of recipes from their week.

All camps are held Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with aftercare available for an additional fee. At the end of each week, families will gather for a Family Fiesta hosted lunch where campers have an opportunity to showcase what they learned on the farm that week.

Price: All camps are $285 per child (sibling discounts available)

Address: 2570 Sunset Avenue, San Diego, CA 92154

Contact For More Information:  Melissa James, Director of Education at or 619-662-1780.

Register Here!

Suzie's Farm Summer Camp

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