ClassPass: Experience the Best Fitness Classes in San Diego

Have you heard of ClassPass? It’s one of those brilliant ideas that is so simple and much-needed and makes you wonder, “why didn’t I think of that?”

ClassPass is a fitness start-up that helps people discover the best fitness classes in their city – an alternative to a gym membership.  For $99/month you are able to visit unlimited classes at multiple studios. If you’re anything like me in wanting to change-up your fitness routine from time to time and incorporate a few different studios and workouts, then this is for you! 

ClassPass is currently in cities across the country including, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Seattle. Lucky for us San Diegans, ClassPass just launched in our beautiful cities and the list of local studios participating is impressive! No matter, what part of the city you live in , you’re sure to find some workout options nearby.

ClassPass San Diego

With ClassPass you are granted unlimited classes at participating studios and can enjoy 3 classes per studio per month. ClassPass also allows you to build a workout routing full of variety visiting studios of all types including, barre, yoga, pilates, indoor cycling, bootcamps, martial arts, strength training and more.

ClassPass was nice enough to let me test out this program for one month and I have my first class at Studio Barre La Costa this week! I’ve also scheduled myself at Yoga 6 and BodyRok in north county, San Diego. I’ll report back at the end of the month and let you know which studios were my favorite. So far, the ClassPass site is super simple to use and conveniently maps out your fitness schedule for the week. I love the variety of studios participating!

Check it out for yourself here!

BONUS POINTS: they also just launched ClassPass Flex which means you can workout in ANY city that has ClassPass!  Perfect for the traveling type. Find out more, here.


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary 1 month pass from ClassPass. However, all opinions are my own and the Mommy Project, San Diego only features businesses that we can truly recommend. 

Personal Training in San Diego: I Bring the Gym

I Bring the Gym

Last week I started a workout program with the amazing Heidi, owner of I Bring the Gym. I was immediately drawn to Heidi’s fitness service in San Diego because quite literally, she brings the gym to you! That’s right, no more excuses, daycare issues or tardiness to classes – she just shows up at your door ready to work! Love that. Whether it be 1-on-1 personal training in the comfort of your own home or group training at your local park or beach, I Bring the Gym provides quality, customized workouts for you, at your convenience.

I know firsthand how difficult it is to commit to gym memberships and class schedules while trying to coordinate care for a little one with an ever-changing nap schedule! That’s why I was so excited to have Heidi come to my house and begin training me – Blake either naps while she’s here or plays and watches as Mommy does funny looking moves in the backyard.

personal training San Diego  personal training San Diego

I Bring the Gym offers affordable, in-home personal training or group training focusing on:

•Strength training
•Core conditioning
I love Heidi’s training style and the way she focuses on your form for each workout. Sessions are usually a quick 45 minutes long and afterwards I feel like I truly received a great workout (my soreness level the next day also supports that theory!)

Meet Heidi

Heidi Ruppe is the owner and operator of I Bring the Gym. Heidi is an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer with over 9 years of in-home training experience and 22 years experience as a Dance Instructor/Choreographer.  Heidi’s training style is a fusion of strength training,  Pilates, Yoga, and high energy moves. She prides herself on her dedication to her clients and their goals. Past and present clients agree that Heidi’s in-home training produces consistent challenging workouts with greater results, all in the comfort of their homes.
personal training San Diego

San Diego North County Moms

If you are interested in trying one of Heidi’s bootcamps, join us this Wednesday, October 29 at 11AM for a FREE class at Stagecoach Park. Please bring a mat, water and towel and get ready to work! Also feel free to bring the little ones who can stay in the stroller or play on a picnic blanket at the park.

For more information on I Bring the Gym or to schedule your first free class, please visit or call (619) 894-2264


Disclaimer: I received complimentary personal training sessions from I Bring the Gym. However, all opinions are my own and the Mommy Project, San Diego only features businesses that we can truly recommend. 



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